Friday, July 1, 2011

Poem: A Birthday Wish

You were the most beautiful vision I’d ever seen.
Brilliant and clever, you were everyone’s dream.
You built yourself up, with millions in tow.
An inspiring example for everyone to follow.

You were a teacher, a leader, and a guide.
You paved the way and asked others to ride.
You called for a future that no one could see
You were so inspiring and everyone believed.

But lately, it seems, you’ve been out of touch.
You stopped creating, you’re not doing much.
For some time now you’ve lived on your legacy
Pardon my bluntness, but you’ve gotten lazy

You’ve gotten fat, you’re not doing enough
You just sit around and argue with yourself.
You change your direction all of the time
It seems you just can’t make up your mind.

Maybe you’ve forgotten where you were going?
You look like you’re lost, and ill winds are blowing.
Did you lose sight of the dream you helped create?
I think you’ve forgotten just what made you great.

You no longer lead, you just stand here waiting
You no longer inspire, and the dream is fading
Maybe, perhaps, your time has come and gone.
But remember that dream? It’s not yours alone.

It’s not too late, you can still change your ways.
But if you want to succeed, start changing today.
Get started right now, you can still lead the race
But you have to step up and start setting the pace.

Return to your values. Let your light shine again.
For the dream still lives on in the hearts of some men.
America, I miss you. So, for your birthday and mine,
Please reclaim your lead, before you run out of time.

Declare your independence. Don’t give up the fight.
Uphold the Constitution, and stand up for your rights.
Be the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
We The People run the show, make our rulers obey.

-- Geoff Strickler
-- July 1, 2011